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If you find yourselves in an area with no direct access to Verdant products, you're in the right place.

Firstly, you need to check our wholesalers list here...

Verdant Wholesalers

Quality 440's

Can stock available right now. All come in x 24 440ml cans. Minimum order is 8 cases.

Delivery charge is £35 / All prices are ex-VAT

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Keg stock

30ltr & 20ltr Kegstar stock will be found here. All kegs are Sankey S-Type Couplers, unless stated as KeyKeg. Minimum order 6 kegs.

Delivery Charge £35 / All prices are ex-VAT

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Current available stock

  • Pulp! 8% DIPA - 24 x 440ml Case
  • Degrees 8% DIPA - 24x 440ml Cans
  • Marylou 5.2% NE Pale Ale - 24 x 440ml Case
  • Headband Pale Ale 5.5% - 24x 440ml Case
  • NZ Pils 4.9% NZ Pilsner - 24 x 440ml case
  • Even Sharks Need Water 6.5% IPA - 24 x 440ml case
  • Track and Field 7.2% NE IPA - 30L Kegstar
  • Lightbulb Extra Pale Ale 4.5% ABV - 30ltr KegStar

The witch does not see weeds. She sees potential ointment, potential incense. She sees healing, she sees charm. - 

Emily Banting, 1981

Some nights, standing between the Old King's Lance and the Magog Dish, I feel caught in a looping signal. Lost between transmission and reception. Dissolving into cosmic noise. I've a fear time spent on Blackford Down is changing me at a fundamental level. - 

Matt Adams 1981

I remember my Pylon People days, The Hum would call us station-to-station. It filled our heads with its telling of tomorrow, its telling of the electric ley of the land. I couldn't deny the maps it placed in my head. I had to walk them.

Tattoo Labyrinth Dave